My ex is cheating with me, does he want me back?

My ex boyfriend of 3 years added me on facebook about a year after I'd got with my new partner, firstly it was just general hello etc.

Originally we broke up I found out he got with a work colleague.

I've been with my current partner for 3 and a half years but me and the ex have started meeting I'm so confused with my own relationship at the mo who never shows affection, but meeting my ex is fun, but is he playing me? Why after 3 years would he wanna meet? N why would he risk losing the girl he ditched me for a fling with me? Please help I'm so confused!

Just like to add my partner I'm wiv now cheated on me at the start of our relationship and messed me around alot, part of me still cares for my ex and I would consider taking my ex back


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  • You need to get a piece of paper and write down your pros and cons. If your Pros out weight the cons I say go for it. If not... then you're better off where you are. Personally I would not risk my home for a fling.


    • Thanks for best answer! Good luck with your decision.



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  • You don't want either of them, that's what your subconscious is telling you, the second cheating is introduced into a relationship its over, and if one is built on it...well that's a no brainer

    i agree that you should get a dog though

  • i think you should ask yourself the same questions

    • I have sweet a thousand times and all I can think of is I must still care to risk my beatiful home but I don't no how my ex feels, apart of me died inside when he and I split, I've never cheated in my life but untill now, although all we've done is talk.

      I hate this so much! My current partners lovely really but I feel more like his mum, he never tells me he loves me and made me get rid of my baby x

    • I don't think your ready for a relationship try getting a dog

  • when you say "meet" you mean have sex? If so, you're both wrong and should probably end it with your respectful 'relationships'

    • No, meet and talk I couldn't sleep wiv anyone, I've never cheated not like that, me and my x just chat? I'm so confused, I've lived wiv my current partner for 2 1/2 years and to be honest it's a little monogomous, I really don't no what I want x

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