Should I call or go by?

I am starting to get really worried about this guy that I used to talk to. His cell phone has stopped ringing for about three weeks now like it's powered off or like he lost it. The last time we spoke we had an argument and I feel like I over reacted. I really want to reach out to him and make a mends.. Do you feel like calling his job, or going by his job, or texting his brother just to see if he's OK is taking it way too far? He's probably not going to contact me because of how badly our last conversation ended. I'm more worried than usual because he's been involved in a few situations where his life could be in danger.. What should I do?


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  • Talk to his brother and tell him you're concerned, then go talk to him in person, preferably not at his job.

  • Do what's easiest, and be subtle. Let him know you're open to talk, then back off. Might not want to hear this, but he may have cut you off accidentally-on-purpose.


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