How do you kiss a guy?

Say like its your first time and your going to have your first kiss with a guy whos more experienced than you? How do you kiss him?

What are some tips to kiss a guy. To like not make him bored.

How do you make out if its your first time?


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  • I would say that if you just respond to his kiss, he will not be bored. Here's a way to look at kissing: Allow the guy to lead. Follow his lead, but do not become dominating or overpowering with your kiss. A kiss should show him that you feel the same way that he does, so whatever he does, just allow yourself to respond naturally to him. Guys are into girls that are into them, if that makes sense, so show him with your lips, that you are into him.


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  • I know how you feel.

    My boyfriend's 2 years older then me and he's more experienced then me.

    If you don't feel comfortable, tell him you're scared.

    Some guys think that's cute.

    He'll show you what to do.

    Once the initial first time is over it gets SO much easier.


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  • Yeah I agree with the girl below me. He'll most likely lead, so just be comfortable and don't think about it too much. Enjoy yourself!

  • Just go with it. If he's more experienced he'll most likely lead. Just take it slow and have fun. Don't think too much.