Choosing between two guys?

So I dated this one guy for a week and he was like my dream guy and we had both had a crush on each other so it was perfect..but there was a mis-communication so we ended up breaking off...although come to find out we still both had feelings for each other...but before I found that out I started dating this other guy cause I thought the first guy didn't want to talk to me anymore( got it mixed up there) the new guy who had previously asked me out twice but I turned him down and finally said yes on the 3rd time cause one of our friends got him to give me a ride cause she couldn' now I'm accidentally in love with two guys, both equally gorgeous and treats me like a both sweet as can be, however the first guy doesn't have a job or car, and therefore my mom doesn't like him...and the second one has all those, but money isn't really important to me...I just don't know which to choose...i feel like if I choose just one ill loose either way


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  • Since you already looked at them both with your head, perhaps you should let your heart decide. Money is not everything. It's the effort and willingness to make it work.


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  • Choose one and stick with him. I'd go with guy number 2, since you're already dating him, but it's your personal preference. Whatever you do, don't try to juggle the two of them. Pick one and make your intentions very clear to the other, or else you're just gonna have too much temptation hanging there waiting for you to slip up.


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  • Flip a coin?

    Make them duel to the death for your love!

    *shifty eyes*

    Just be honest with both of them. Let them know you care for another- and him at the same time and you need time to decide who you actually want as your boyfriend. See how they react.

    In the end, the one who doesn't pressure you, and supports you and your feelings should be the winner.

    There isn't a time table telling you you have to choose one or the other within a certain amount of time. Just enjoy yourself- but above all be HONEST with yourself, and with them.