How would you feel about dating a guy that has zero friends?

I just somewhat recently moved to a new area. Maybe about 9 months ago. I currently have no friends, I don't know anybody when I go out, and this discourages me to even go out to meet someone or try to get a girlfriend. I kind of worry about how a girl would view me if she knew I didn't have, literally, any friends.

So how would you feel about a guy with no friends? Would you think that's weird and be completely turned off? Or would you be sympathetic?


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  • You just moved. I think that's pretty understandable for not having any friends. If a girl can't understand that, she's not worth your time anyway.

    • Hmm. I moved a year and a half ago, I still haven't gotten a single person to even agree to have a beer with me yet. I feel like a total outsider.. well I am one. I'm still trying to figure out how to change that.


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  • I wouldn't mind. When I started dating my boyfriend I didn't know anyone that lived near me but he knew plenty and he started taking me around introducing me to people so I wouldn't feel bad. I wouldn't think that would be a turnoff and if you found a girl she might would do the same thing for you. Hope you find someone good luck

  • I wouldn't mind. I've never moved so I don't know the feeling of being completely new but I'm sure it sucks. I'd probably introduce him to people if we started going out. Don't be discouraged!

  • It depends on where I meet the guy. If I met him in workplaces I know what kind of a guy he is so I can live with him not having friends. But if I met him at a bar or some random place, I'd want to see his friends to make sure that he's not a total douchebag. (Usually I find that his friends are a good indicator of the guy's personality etc)


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