Kisses on the head?

What does it mean usually when you're hugging a guy and he kisses you on the head?

Theres a guy I really like, and he did this last night.



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  • You know what.

    The guy I'm dating now kissed me on the forehead when we hugged a few months ago (before we were dating). And I was like you, wondering what it meant.

    And then, like im-aguy predicted in his answer for you, the next time I hung out with him he kissed me on the lips.

    These answers are like, totally dead on! I wish I would've known this back then, haha!

    So yes. Good luck to you with this guy!


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  • Well, I can tell you that I only kiss that girls that way, when I really like them.basically, those are the girls that I'm seriously dating; the ones I used for sex, I never ever kissed them that way cause I didn't really care for them; so to me that would mean this guy sees you more than a sexual object, and he does care for you.

  • well if he's taller than you and your hugging him and your head is in his chest or something he might have felt to kiss you on the head and not to bend down a bit to kiss you on the lips. its perfectly fine if it was the first time he kissed you on the forehead than the usual kiss to the lips. the next time he most likely will kiss you on the lips.

    • Yeah he's taller than me and I guess it was a good level for him lol

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  • First of all, I think kissing on the forehead is the cutest thing ever!

    I think its very cute and romantic when a guy kisses you on the forehead, well in my opinion (actually got it from my big brother) if a guy kisses the girl on the forehead

    well it means that he really respects her and well like her.

    And it also means that his a very sensitive guy, and that he wants to take it slow, you know.taking your time.

    • Well it wasn't my forehead, it was like my hairline, pretty much on my hair.

      and thankyou:)

  • i think that if a guy does that to a girl it means that he really likes her.

  • He probably likes you or cares about you and wanted to show it.