Lol...yeah, the question is quite misleading, but you'll get where I'm going with this!

There's this seems like we have major chemistry at times, and then nothing at all other times! We hang out quite a lot, and have the same likes in life!

My question actually is quite simple, yet very confusing...i think! When we cuddle and stuff, or have a "moment"...i often just want to kiss her, which in most cases I do...but I don't always want to initiate kissing first, why doesn't she just kiss me first sometimes? Is it normal that girls always wait for the guy to kiss first every time. Sometimes I just want her to grab me & kiss the crap out of! I don't this strange?


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  • Everyone is different if she doesn't want to do it not a lot you can do about it, try talking to her about it or maybe try training her with rewards like chocolate bars etc


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  • no man its not strange. some women just don't do that and aren't as aggressive with there emotions like us. they usually make it obvious they want to kiss though.

  • ok man, you gotta go 90% of the way...then let HER go the other 10%