My boobs are ruining my love life!

Ok so my so called friend decided to squeeze my boobs in front of everyone one day at a bar and I slapped him. So now I met this guy who's 18 (I'm 20) on MySpace and everything was great on the phone so we finally met up at the movies. He had his moments where he'd act a little childish. He started talking about farts - who does that? lol Anyways, we're watching the movie and he leans over to massage my arm and out of nowhere, he Squeezed my boob!

I didn't wanna make a scene so I just started acting really upset. He kept kissing ass so I eventually forgave him. I left the movie 30 minutes early and kissed him good night. We only talked on MySpace. He said he wants to hang out again. Ever since and he hasn't called. Guys I'm so confused. What did I do wrong that he is not calling?


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  • Who does that? Some 18 year olds I guess. That's pretty forward.

    The thing is, who forgives and kisses him after that? You do!

    Just think of it as dog training. You just showed him what you'll take and forgive. You might not want to do that if boob grabbing is bothering you so much.

    Also, you might have done nothing to affect whether he calls; maybe he's a flake. He wouldn't be the only one on MySpace (or elsewere). Or maybe all he ever wanted was to talk about farts and grope you, so now he's satisfied and you're better off looking for a more mature guy.

    Unless your thowing your boobs around like free candy at a parade and literally making it obvious that you're waiting for it, most guys and all mature guys will NOT grope you.


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  • Maybe he is scared because he thinks that you are still upset,.... or maybe he is superficial and since you denied his boob squeeze he doesn't want to hang out anymore (I am not implying that you let guys grope you just to get a second date).

    I am curious though, you are asking why he didn't call, but your title (and start) says that your boobs are ruining your life. Do you think that they are the reason that he didn't call, or is there more story here.

  • I concur with Genesis5.

    It does seem a little odd that these guys are randomly groping at you. That isn't something you should put up with.

    But if we're talking about awkwardness (this was the same guy telling fart jokes, right?) then I've got to wonder if he didn't just do something geeky.

  • You didn't do anything wrong. He knows he messed up at the movie, and he probably figured that he lost his chance with you, so he figures it won't do any good to call.

    Your breasts aren't ruining your life. You are just selecting some creeps, that's all. If you select from among some better guys, you will have a better time when you date. Just be more selective. ;-)


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  • OMG - Why do you want that little shit to call you anyway?

    Don't go out with or tolerate those kinds of actions from anybody. Respect yourself and your body or you want get respect from others. You deserve better.

  • This is the reason I have always dated older guys. How retarded. You should have grabbed his dick really hard and walked off.