Age? Is it a big deal?

To me age is nothing more then a number..what does everyone else think? I'm just wondering. I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 24. I love him no matter what anyone says but I was wondering what other people think.


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  • Age can be more than a number, in certain circumstances. I had just turned 17 when I started dating a 25 year old, so about the same age gap. I saw nothing wrong with it, and people are generally wrong for saying anything negative about it unless they know the exact situation and circumstances and both people involved.


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  • I don't think anythings wrong with it there's this girl that really likes me she's 15 and I'm 21 she's really cool and all that but I can't bring myself to be with here and she won't talk to me unless were dating so it sucks cause she's a really good person but I just can't date her cause of her age

    • Then you do think there's a problem with it...if you won't date a girl you like because of her age ?

  • Society has made it wrong in recent years but there is really nothing wrong with it.

    Even if you didn't love him, I don't see how a teenage chick sleeping with many guys their own age is different from them sleeping with older guys. If it's consensual..

    ->I'm not saying you sleep around, you might not even be shagging him. That was an example.

    • Hahah that made me laugh, he was my first and is the only one I have slept with. I see nothing wrong with it and honstly I never have. Its a stupid number that means nothing.

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  • Girl, I hear you. I met my boyfriend weeks before my 19th birthday and he was 25. I look like I'm about 16, even though I'm 20 now, and he just looks his age. We used to get all kinds of dirty looks and people making comments, but f*** 'em. =D Make yourself happy.