GUYS: what kind of impression does a girl make when?

when she is really good with kids? especially boys around 9/10 year of age?

i like this guy at my work a LOT and anyways the managers kid always comes over to where we work and he's like 9 maybe 10 and yeah we always play together and have a lot of fun and I can see the guy I like watching us and stuff...? does it leave a good impression or what?! :)


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  • It makes a good impression if he has reached the stage in life where he is looking for a partner and not a fling. He might not even be aware of why he is watching you but subconsciously he is sizing you up to see if you would make a good mother to his future children.


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  • Definitely leaves a positive impression!

  • i think it definitely could, at least I know with me it would...stuff like that can show that you're a caring person so yea I don't see much of a reason y it wouldn't leave a good impression


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