First date sex?

is it possible to maintain a good relationship/friendship with some1 after that? I recently went out to a party with one of my life long guy friends. there was an obvious attraction and one thing led to another and we slept together. I'm so embarrassed that I haven't had any contact with him at all. he hasn't tried calling which is totally expected. I really do like him and we have great chemistry I just wish I hadn't slept with him and maybe started dating him. should I talk to him or let it go?


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  • It sounds like he's made the decision for you. Although it's possible he is just embarrassed too and wants you to make the first move.probably not though, after a while he would have done SOMETHING to show he's interested in continuing the relationship.


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  • Sure you can have a good relationship after being in that situation.

    BUT, you guys haven't talked since. so you created an awkwardness between yourselves.

    I would talk to him! Say hi, whats up? you know chit chat. there is no reason to ignore him, unless you gave him an std or something lolol.

    If you still like him, talk to him.

    Hope I helped


    • Thanks, I just hope that by talking to him, he doesn't assume I'm just an easy slut. so how should I approach him? I'm really nervous....

    • I don't know, I am not in your position! He won't think your an easy slut... unless you have some sort of history.... He really has no basis to think you are some sort of slut, THINGS HAPPEN. Sure your going to be nervous when you talk to him, but hey that's the fun part right?

      I'm sure you will find a way to talk to him. Keep it casual, don't bring it up unless he does, if anything, tell him you had an awesome time that night.



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  • Why not speak up? If you don't, he'll probably think you didn't give a damn, so he won't give a f***. Pardon my french. He would probably think you are the type of girl that will sleep with a guy then forget about him a quick as she got undressed. If you don't want him to perceive you in that way, talk to him. But at the same time, if he is not calling you, maybe he isn't having these feelings that you are, so maybe you should let that go. Which ever you want to do, the choice is truly all yours.