Is this guys totally off limits?

My friend's boyfriend, who happens to be my friend too, recently broke up with her after about a month and a half of dating. She was and is still crazy about him, and is the kind of girl who will hate any girl he dates, no matter what. I've been talking to the guy a lot, since he's one of my close friends, and rumors had been spreading about the two of us, angering my friend very much, she literally told me she would never speak to or look at me again if I dated this guy. So I made it clear to both her, and him, that our relationship was platonic. Yet, whenever we talk, in person, or on the phone, I find myself never wanting to hang up. I have talked with him about everything from his ex girlfriend who he dated for 3 years before moving to my state, to debating movies. He is WAY WAY WAY hot... Just in case you were wondering. And has a great personality. I found myself in a situation where I was in my friend's position earlier this year where a close friend of mine ended up dating a guy that things didn't work out with for me, so its not like I don't sympathize with my friend on this..

but is it totally out of the question to go for this guy, because get vibes that he likes me, or is it okay to do something for myself, because whenever in these situations I feel like I always do what's best for others.. Should I go for my own happiness for once? (p.s. The girl is on my volleyball team so a fight with her would be absolutely unavoidable and would be anything but small and passing)_


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  • You'll have to pick your friendship or a relationship with this guy. Personally, I wouldn't date a girl that my friends have dated. Anyway, I have seen similar situations several times. Girls threw away good friendships for a few months with some guy. Just think it over for a while if you haven't already and do what you want with the situation.


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  • YES HE IS TOTALLY OFF LIMITS! don't you know about the girl code? you can't date this guy until your friend says she's completely over him or if she starts dating someone else. you have to wait this one out I'm afraid. its just not right, adn your friend has made it quite clear about her feelings towards the situation. I know its gonna be tough since you and this guy seem to like each other but is risking your friendship over this really worth it? remember a friend will always be there for you no matter what. if your'll are truly into each other, there shouldn't be a prob in waiting till your friend is over the situation. I'm not saying stop communicating with this boy, by all means carry on whatever you're doing just wait it out. I've been in situations were my friends have put their bfs before our friendship, and now their all boyfriend and no friends.