Dating site "want kids?"

I do not want kids. Do any women here put that they do or aren't sure on dating sites just because they think men want to?


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  • A few. Most of the time though women are honest about that. We either firmly want kids or firmly don't, and it's not something we typically lie about to attract men. However, because we're pretty set in what we want, it's usually men that lie about this. The majority of women do want children it seems, and most consider it a dealbreaker if the guy doesn't. So you may lose out on some women because of your feelings on it.

    To answer your question though, I don't think women lie in that category just because they think that's what men want to hear. When it comes to children, women are usually very honest and firm about their opinion.


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  • I wouldn't date someone who doesn't want kids. There's no point!

    I do want them and why start a relationship with someone who disagrees on something as large as that?!

    You should put it there. Do you want to start dating someone only to tell her you don't want kids and have her leave you?

  • I don't want kids either


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  • Yes. There must be some.

    Anything else?