I want to kiss her when I see her, how do I start this habit?

basically we kissed once, but I want to get in the habit of just giving her a kiss hello or bye when we leave each other and is there any smooth way to do that. or should I just ask her when I see her next, hey can I give you a kiss or something. I just don't want to go in for the kiss and she's like, umm what?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She won't mind. Just some day, when you say bye to her, put your hands on her cheeks and kiss her forehead. One time my ex did that to me, and it was so unexpected (but in a good way) I couldn't talk for a minute. xD I loved it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Women don't want to be asked for anything, trust me if you ask a chick what do you want to do, she will say I don't know you pick. The same goes for a kiss, if you say can I kiss you she might even get mad and say no, or she might just say be a man and do it already. The point is never ask a chick can I kiss you, or will you kiss me.

    Just simply lean in and kiss her. Every single chick that I have kissed, I never asked, I just went for it, and it didn't matter how long I knew the chick. Chances are she won't say what are you doing, you already kissed her once. Unless when you kissed her, she said something like I only want to be friends, and nothing more. If that is the case then don't even try to kiss her because she won't let you.