New boyfriend only communicates through texts?

we have been going out for a month. we do text daily and 95% texts me first but he has only called me twice in the month we have dated. and it was because he didn't have a his cell phone. the weird part is its that we can only see each other over the weekends (we are both busy, and both can't drive yet) but we have yet talk on the phone. I know its not normal but should I be worried? I know talking on the phone means they are interested so does this mean he's not that into me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • in this day and age, texting means the same thing, but not the weight of someone who talks on the phone or vice someone who talks to you in person or vice someone who can write to decide what kind of communication you want in your relationship early or texting will become the standard in your situation


What Girls Said 1

  • It can be bad if that's a problem for you and you think it will keep your relationship from growing. However, some people just don't like to talk on the phone. I've had a partner like that before.

    If it's an issue for you, talk to him about it. But I wouldn't assume that it meant he wasn't that into you. Obviously he wants to talk to you.