How to tell if it's a date?

i feel that the question is self

.he told me that he likes me but he would rather just be friends '' for now''.more time passes and we are just friends.we make plans to hang out at my house, at the last second he changes the plans and now were going to the movies alone together...?


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  • if you just met him and gave him your number of whatever and he asks you to go do something alone, id say that's a date. Now if you already know the guy and he asks you to go do something, you probably won't know until you go. Things to look for are...does he act a little different then when you have hung out before (like more eye contact, more smiling, etc.) also did he dress up a little more then previous times you have hung out, things like that.

    • Seems like he's not sure what he wants, maybe he just wants to see how things go with you two alone. The last second change from hanging out at your house to going to the movies seems a bit odd, I would personally like to hang out at a girls house over going to movie.


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  • Time alone together might be a criterion.

  • Do you know the guy? Did he just randomly ask you to go somewhere with him? If the answers are No, Yes. Its a date.


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