What do you do when you like two guys?

I like this guy from my school and he likes me back and we see each other often and stuff, but the problem is I'm interested in this guy from Judo, we always partner up for practice and always flirt and we've liked each other way before I liked the guy from my school. problem is I don't know who to pick, I can't really date so they'd both be on the down low anyways, they're both great guys, but I seem to be more attracted to the guy from judo...what should I do?


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  • what do you mean you can't really date? you mean you can't date both of them at the same time or do you mean you can't date at all?

  • you have to make them fight to the death somehow, obviously the victor will be the one you want the most. how do you go about this? that's a tough one...


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