Won't reply to my text anymore?

i texted her a lot and then I got grounded for a month and now when I text her she replies like 5 hours later and when I text back she doesn't


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  • Maybe she isn't interested anymore. You seriously shouldn't take it personal. Sometimes, phones aren't in sync and it takes a while before the text is received, even if they are from the same carrier. I've had that problem lots of times. Best thing is to talk to her face to face or call her up. As a girl...I personally prefer talking on the phone or face to face than anything else! Good luck!

  • I think that she is playing hard to get or she thinks that you don't like her anymore after you got grounded because she didn't know that. The best thing to do is to ask her y does it take her along time to reply back, I'm sure she'll give you an answer. Hope this helps. :):):):):):


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