He said, "we should hang sometime!" so...

Does that mean he likes me? We haven't known each other very long, but I really like him, so yeah! (: Lol He never set an actual hangout time, so should I initiate it? You can just give my any advice you can think of! Thanks so much for any answers!


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  • I think it might, he says he wants to spend time with you. Was this a while ago? Have you noticed any signs that he likes you?

    • No, it was just today! (: Lol Uhmm... I told him that I used to play softball for 9 years (He plays baseball) and he was like " That's AWESOME!" <in that exact format. And he's going to join this club that I'm in because I asked him to (: I told him I would go watch him play baseball and he seemed pretty happy about that!

    • I second ImSoSozzled, especially if it was just yesterday. If it had been a few weeks, he might have been just saying it, but no, I'm pretty sure he means it now.


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  • Yep that's exactly what I say lol. Next time you talk to him, just be like "so when are we gonna hang out?"

    • OKAY! (: Thanks so much! Ahhhh!! I'm so excited! <33333

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  • well, if a guy wants to spend time with you then that means he likes you! and it says your under 18 so your probably in highschool, right? so maybe he means he wants to hangout at lunch or something. And make sure you don't act to desperate! take it slow and maybe good things will happen(: good luck with him!

    • YAY!! (: Yeah, I'm a senior and he's a junior (:

      hahah I'm so SCARED of being overbearing and desperate :/

      Thanks so much!!

  • he def has a crush on you! go for it!

    • YAAAAYY!! Thanks so much! (: