Would you date a single mom?

I'm just curious how many guys out there would consider that a deal breaker completely.

what about a mom with a child with a medical problem? like autism or diabetes.

what are your reasons?

the child having medical problems not the mother.
just a note I haven't given anyone thumbs down or up lol


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  • Sure would. First off not every child of a single parent is a mistake. I grew up in a single parent household, my father dieing when I was very young. My mother raised both me and my brother by herself, and I remember all of her boyfriends during that period. All of them helped shape me into who I am now. I also wouldn't have an awesome stepfather if people were so closed minded abut single mothers. I also know how much children in that situation need a good role model. If I loved the woman I would also love her child. I think it is very shallow to discount a single mother.


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  • Yes. I have done so before, and would do so again. The way I see it, when you accept a woman, you accept her children and or her family. If they just happen to have a "problem" , well, we'll get to that bridge together and see what happens then.

  • Already tried it twice, and they were disastrous. So no.

  • Sorry, but you'd have to be a complete fool to take care of some other man's mistake

    I'll tell you what I do to single women. F them and never call again. I have no sympathy for a woman that wanted to screw a bad-boy then act surprised when he leaves her azz...

    But don't worry, there's a sucker born everyday. There's plenty of desperate guys that will date a single mom. But for guys like me who are intelligent, don't count on it

    • A. your a pig. simple as that. your probebly some sad little 14 year old with nothing better to do then troll.

      and he wasn't the "bad boy" he was the freakin bookish sweet guy. not violent, barely swore, didn't drink. he changed AFTER I got knocked up thanks. not to mention. I left HIM. He got to damn violent so I kicked him out.

      why do idiots always asume it was him who left?

    • I agree there are women out there that are dumb enough to keep dating the bad boy, but not all

  • Have done so before and would do so again.

  • Yes, no problems. Why not? Love conquers all etc. etc.

  • Yes, I would, but within limits. I would avoid women with really bad breakups with the father and are jaded. I am not one to pay the price for another mistake. But if a women has a good head on her, treats me as well as I treat her, I would date her. As for a condition like autism and diabetes, they are two different things. For example, diabetes is treatable long term, autism is difficult. I would avoid the woman with the autistic child since my child is so young himself.

  • Sorry. That's a deal breaker for me. I think there are laws in Washington state that enforce a "boyfriend" to pay for child support if the child has simply grown attached to him. Crazy, I know, but why risk such insane laws coming to your home town?

    More and more, laws are favoring women, and so it would prove a burden to me.


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  • it depends on the age of the guy

    i can't see someone in their 20's dating a single mom esp one with a medical problem

    but maybe someone in their 30's

    • You can give me all the thumb downs that you want, but it still doesn't change the fact of the matter

    • I wouldn't generalize it to a whole decade. I'd say early 20's, less likely to, but not necessarily a deal breaker, late 20's more likely to.

      By their 30's, that's settling down age, so they would probably be okay with it.