What does it mean when a girl says she isn't looking to date but then dates?

so I had been hanging out with this girl a lot and things seemed to be progressing quite nicely so naturally I said something to her about how we are together often enough that we should just date to which she replied she wasn't looking for a relationship. a few weeks pass and we get in some fight and the next thing I know she is making posts about her boyfriend. I realize it's probably not that she didn't want to date but that she didn't want to date me. sound about right or could there be other explanations?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Chances are, she sees you as a friend and that's it. I would look into the boyfriend posts (on Facebook, I assume) and see if it's a legitimate boyfriend, or if it's a fake thing, like how girls sometimes refer a gay best friend as their "boyfriend" or be in a fake Facebook relationship with them. Ask one of her friends if she's really seeing someone. At the very least, you've set the foundation for a great friendship with her.

    • Really? Girls have fake facebook relationships with gay guys?

      God, women are insane.

    • I don't deny that we're crazy, but I know of at least 10 of my friends on Facebook who aren't in real relationships, but have a fake one listed on Facebook, either with other girls, or with gay guys. They also list fake family members too.