If A Guy Doesn't Get Much From Girls?

I'm 22 and am what I would consider a bit of a late bloomer. I've gotten a little experience over college, but not much. Now that I'm finished school, the people I'm around never see me with girls or hear me talking about girls. I've never had a girlfriend. I'm shy around the girls at work and am nice, but not very sociable with them. I also have that sort of look (I've been told by some of my esteemed roommate buddies) that hints gayness. Would a lot of girls think I'm gay, as this could pose a problem for me.

(PS. Obviously, I have nothing against gays blah blah blah, I have a few gay friends/acquaintances etc etc. just to clear that up :)


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  • Hmm, well... I don't think you should worry about that, they just probably think that you are shy... but if you want to change that you should probably start socializing with the girls around you, I mean you don't need to pretend to be someone you're not... or pretend that you are really cool (which I'm sure you are) but what I mean is that we can see when a guy is just trying to impress us by acting 'cool', it's just awkward, so it'll be safer to stick with your true personality... it doesn't matter if you are shy or not... some girls go for the shy guys, anyway... there's just something mysterious about them! ha ha :) hope this helps, if not, just tell me I'll try to think of something else...


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  • I guess I'm the opposite. I was an early bloomer with a girlfriend at age 4. People have thought I was gay or at the very least bisexual but I don't pay them much attention. Confidence and knowledge is all you need. While I was growing up, I read articles about women, took art classes, etc. Even random bs stuff can get thrown into a conversation. Just stay true to yourself and be optimistic. :)

    • Yeah, I absolutely agree. I'm all about staying true to myself, believe me :) I'm just slightly concerned that maybe girls aren't so attracted to me because I can be a effeminate and flamboyant (seemingly gay). Anyway...... C'est la vie

  • i'm kinda the same as you