I called to confirm out first date and she never called back, how to play this?

When I get this girls number she said herself she was so glad I came over to her because she has been staring at me the entire night, we seemed to click and hit it off right away. Two days later I called her and we set up a date for this Friday at 7pm, and I would pick her up and take her for some food and drinks. She seemed thrilled. Now its the night before the date and I called her to confirm it and left a message simply saying just calling to confirm tomorrow with you if we are still on, call me when you get this. NEVER CALLED. Do I try her again one last time tomorrow before the date? Do I say F that and wait to see if SHE contacts me? If she blows me off do I Drop her? Help!


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  • You know what? I would definitely wait until tomorrow and text her. Give her a chance because God knows why she's not hitting you back but keep it casual. If she doesn't hit back by tomorrow at about noon, then hit her up and say very laid back "Hi - I was just texting to see if we're still on tonight? Just wanted to see what the plan is :)" and if she doesn't respond by at least 4PM, then screw it, let it be and take that as it's not going to happen. If then she hits you up the next day or days later, you just let her know that it's all good, you're not interested anymore, but it was fun while it lasted. Good luck sweetie - I hope it ends up well! :)


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  • I'm in a similar situation. It seems you actually like this girl. So I say give her a chance to call you back. No harm in calling again just to make sure. At least you tried. Ugh and I should follow my own advice :\