Did he really stop loving me or is this a rebound?

My boyfriend and I dated for 3.5 years and we broke up when he got to college. I am a year older than him and wanted him to have the full college experience. I thought it would be temporary and he would gain something from the separation. We had been dating since he was 15 and I didn’t want him to feel like I was holding him back. We broke up on great terms and decided to be friends. I didn’t tell him about my idea of it being temporary. About 2 weeks later he started dating and I joked with him about it and it was fine. I wanted him to date some. He joined a fraternity and started seeing a new girl. She told him that it wasn’t healthy for us to be friends and he started to back off. I told him that I still loved him and had never stopped and that I wanted to be with him and he said that he didn’t feel that way about me anymore. A week later (a month after the breakup) he was seeing her exclusively. I was heartbroken and told him how much I loved him and that he was making a mistake. I probably went a little overboard. He said that he wanted me to hate him so I could move on. 1.5 months after we broke up he officially got into a relationship with this girl and we stopped talking. He has been a complete jerk about this and mutual friends say that she bad mouths me and is a complete bitch in general. I still love him deeply and want to get back together. What are the chances that this is a rebound for him? Does he still care about me? Most importantly… Are we really over? I don’t see how you can just fall out of love with someone or how you can love someone so completely and they feel nothing for you?


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  • Maybe he likes hers more than he likes yours. Or he could just be enjoying the moment and will come back to you later or she could be keeping him away from you for obivous reasons.

    • She is definitely keeping him away from me. I don't blame her for that though... he is currently her boyfriend. she is very intimidated by the relationship we shared and she makes that very obvious.

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  • Maybe he is mad at you for breaking up with him and felt like you rejected him and now he is getting revenge?

    • The night we broke up I wrote him a letter stating my reasons and that I loved him as much as ever. I was scheduled to give it to him the day after I found out but I gave it to him early because of that. He knows everything. I thought that might be the case too. I'm an RA in the building where he lives and I see him all the time. One of us always looks away. Its just awkward.