Do guys go out with girls they don't like?

Could a girl like one girl, but just go out with another girl that asked him out without actually liking that girl?


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  • personally I would have a fling with a girl I didn't like but, found her attractive. I would not make any attempt to make it more serious if I had no feelings for her.


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  • yes just to get some than leave or have the take care of him

  • yes I have known of guys to do this. I know quite a few girls who have no problem "going after what they want" and asking guys out. sounds good right? well the problem often is, if these guys really wanted that certain girl, he would eventually ask her out. but since you did the asking, as long as you're not butt ugly or have really bad BO he'll go out with you just to have a girl. but that doesn't mean you get the guy that's really into you