Should I wait or should I call?

If you read my last question , please skip to the 3rd paragraph , if not , read the whole story if you are interested..

Well, I'm 17 I don't really have much experience in dating (actually it's the first girl I have ever asked out) ,she is 17 too, we go to the same school,she is quite shy and really sincere so I don't thing she would give me false hope and wouldn't break someone's heart on purpose , in fact she seemed really happy when I asked her out , she agreed, we went to the cinema and later we had dinner it was really fun.So I accompanied her home she gave me a hug and said that we will "text each other" ( I'm not sure how to say, I hope you understand) , so I went back home and told her that it was a really fun evening (and yes I paid for everything, etc like a man should :) ) and asked if she would like to go out sometime next week, she told me that , if she doesn't go anywhere else with her parents , she will go out with me , then she asked me for my phone number , I gave it.So next evening I texted her "Hi, how was your day?" I got no message , only this morning she sent me a message "Hi , I had a great day :) , how about you?" so I replied and asked if she is busy this Thursday.

Next morning she texted me "Hey, sorry for not texting you yesterday.I don't know about other days.I'll text you if something".I got this text on Wednesday's morning and my question is , should I wait until she texts me ( which I'm somehow in doubt that it will happen ) ... or should I wait until Friday's afternoon, give her a call and ask if she wants to go out on weekend?I may also add that we have no school this week.

Thank you


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  • She sounds interested just busy. She might be a little scared of everything moving fast if she is new to this stuff too. You should wait for her to text back and then call her like you said if she doesn't text you back before Friday. She has texted you back for the most part so she definitely wants to see you again.just be patient and don't jump to conclusions.


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  • you should definitely wait for her to text you back.

  • wait for her to text you back. by the sounds of it she's into you and just a little busy at the moment. If she doesn't text back then you could give her a call and just casually see if she's up to anything.


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  • wait for it brah