Guys, what is the deal with texting?!, a few months ago I was talking with a guy and things didn't work out because apparently I texted too much and all that. I decided to stop texting guys a lot after that. Things just recently ended with a different guy because I didn't text as much as he wanted me too and he thought I wasn't as interested interested in him and he was with me. I have no clue what to do now when it comes to texting guys...What's the deal? Haha.

So are you guys saying don't even have a a full blown convo with the guy over text? Because the 2nd guy was always asking me questions and wanted to know everything about me/what I was doing. He would always send me super long texts even if I was short...


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  • I hate having conversations through text. text messages are, well, messages. Things like "I'll be there in a couple minutes." or "forecast calls for rain, fyi,"

    I don't want to waste 5 minutes punching tiny buttons to say something that could be said in 20 seconds over the phone or face to face.


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  • You only text to get specific points across, don't gossip, tell stories, complain about things with texts. You do that in person or call. However you don't wanna wait too long in between texts. So don't take over an hour to reply...

  • As a rule of thumb, the more secure and confident a guy is, the less you should text him.

    • Do you mean that if that guy is a confident and secure guy,you don't have to text him and just wait for him to text you?

    • I'm not saying never text him, but any guy that gets upset because you don't text him every day sounds pretty insecure to me.

  • Don't initiate texts, but reply when he texts you. Simple.


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