What would you do if you found out your spouse (married, not dating) was having an affair?

After reading a previous responders stupidity I decided to ask. What would you do if you found out your spouse (married not dating) was having an affair?

I'll give 2 scenarios to think about just to make it interesting...

1- you walk in on them in the act.

2 - you find out through a little investigation or obvious signs (I.e. lover calls the house)

Now also consider this...

Your spouse's lover not only knows that he/she is married, but goes on to brag about their sex life to you? Then what?


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  • 1. I'd probably start yelling and throwing things (preferably heavy things). But I don't know anything beyond that, like whether I could actually bring myself to speak to him afterward.

    2. I'd try bringing it up and give him a chance to tell me the truth. If not, I'd confront him and then probably leave.

    The last part is hard to imagine. But I'm spiteful and I'd want to inflict some emotional scars; I'd probably mention the fact that he never actually left me for her, so obviously she couldn't be THAT important to him. And that they're both trash. Physical damage would only get me in trouble.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Been there, done that. Packed my things, and never looked back. It's not worth much more than that.

  • It depends if I felt angry or sad, if I was sad; I'd cry. But I've got quite a temper, so if I was angry I'd probably slap him or the cheater. Don't know for sure untill it happens though.


What Guys Said 2

  • If I just walked in on them I'd probably rage and beat the guy within an inch of his life with whatever blunt objects were handy. I'm very level headed and have a pretty long fuse, so normally I wouldn't hurt a fly and would much rather talk through a problem. But I think the sudden shock of it and my total lack of tolerance for that kind of stuff would make me lose it. And from the couple times that's happened in the past I'm fairly certain somebody would need an ambulance.

    Regardless of how I found out there would be a long argument with the wife that would most likely result in one of us leaving the house for a quite a while.

    If he had the gall to actually brag to me about their sex life I'd crush his balls to bloody goo on the spot, and make it my personal mission to destroy his life. A person like that deserves the worst fate that can be dealt to them.

    • I hear you. I came close to slitting a guys throat because he was bragging (not to me but to others) about how he was nailing my pregnant girlfriend. Knowing her I don't doubt it happened but I also was able to realize the consequences of the fore mentioned. On the other hand if I just walked in on them I doubt I'd be able to think that far ahead. A crime of passion.

  • I'd spit on her. Him, I'd beat the crap out of him, shave his head, strip him down naked, hog tie him then drop him off in front of the hospital. If I was mad then maybe tattoo the word GOOF on his forehead also. Maybe after that he'll learn not to Fuck with a guys woman.