Why does he give his kisses so freely?

OK, so I'm looking for some possible explanations for why a guy would kiss only one girl of his many female friends every time he saw her, either on the forehead or on the cheek. He recently got into a relationship and, since then, his giant bear hugs (which he gave for 2 years) have all but disappeared. His kisses, however, which only started 6 months ago continue. I am totally at a loss at why I am the only girl he kisses! Any and all explanations are welcome. Thanks!


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  • You totally took that from the second-person to the first-person. Kinda went past my head for a second there.

    Well, think about it. Why are you the only girl he kisses? Why has he moved on from hugs to kisses?

    It's a step above hugging, and he's trying to take your friendship to the next level it seems. Based on your relationship's pattern, you'd be able to tell whether he liked you or not.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's comfortable with you, so much so that it's become quite a habit to kiss your forehead or hug whenever you guys are together. Are you guys like best friends? Or are you his best female friend? Usually, being the most dependable female friend of a guy earns you lots of special treatment such as great hugs and sweet kisses on the forehead or messy hair. If it bothers you, tell him. There's really no need to stress or fuss over something if it's really nothing.