Forehead kisses?

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago and it has been nothing but the good stuff. he likes me and I like him. we talk everyday and we've hung out a lot. when were together its like were dating but were not together.we tease each other, hold each other, kiss, hold hands, lay on each other, he kisses me on my forehead.what does it all mean?

i don't know were just going with the the other day I asked him in a joking matter if he missed me.and he just smiled and kissed me on the guessing that meant yes.? he's an awesome guy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • After reading this question I remembered my very first kiss in the first grade. We were playing tag in the playground and the recess bell rang. So I ran to the line and right in front of me with this boy in my class. While I was trying to catch my breath he turns around and gives me a kiss on my forehead. I stopped panting (out of shock) and he stood there smiling. After that day he wanted to do everything with me. Just that we were kids and for me as far as I was concerned I had boy germs. I wonder what ever happened to him.