How do you know when a guy cares about you as more than a friend???

What does he do or say? You can put your own experience if want. :)


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  • If he tries to hold your hand or smiles alot. I have been known to lead girls I like around with my hand on their lower back. Basically touching a girl a lot is a big indication. Flirting as always is a big indication.


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  • when they share past stuff in their life. personal stuff. letting their emotions out .

    my best friend [turned boyfriend] when we talked about like who I'm dating or talking to he'll be like oh that's cool in a low voice. but you know they really care because they wanna be that guy making you happy.

    or like if you go to school together. he doesn't mind spending every waking moment with you goin' outta his way to buy you something at the snack shack or letting you cut in line. something so little shows they do care