How do I get closer with a girl who is dating someone else? (Read details)

Alright let me explain before you judge. A girl I have recently met was basically asked out before I could. Her friend always hinted she was interested in me and me being this shy guy that I hate so much took to long to try and ask her out. Basically the dude beat me by like a week. What I have heard is they might not last I don't want to bring that on anyone and be an ass about it but I like her but don't want to get in between 2 people like that. How can I stay close "just in case" without going to far.


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  • You snooze you lose and if you're too close you'll be the friendly rebound guy. You gotta play this right to make it work. Either you have to be a man and steal her as she would think you worthy or exciting enough then, or let it go down and see if she still feels the way she felt. However, the safety net, slow play, friendly thing does work. I'm living proof. It may be YEARS boyfriend it happens, but it can and it will. It just depends on how big a rush you're in compadre.

  • If she is dating nothing stoping you form asking her out try and win her over if she likes you more she will choose you nothing to lose if you try