Will he get into trouble legally?

i turned 16 in june and he just turned 18. but were totally into each other. we live 3 and a half hours apart but it doesn't bother us. so would it be ok to date him even though he's 18 and I'm only 16. btw I live in virginia.


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  • the only way he could get into trouble hun is if he sexually assulated you or you call rape thas only a 2yr difference or less between yal but yes your parents could press charges on him if they found out something yall did and they didn't approve so bes thing to do is get mom and mos importantly daddy's oking it that's all that matters in the long run but other then that no

  • i really in the same boat right now. it sucks. because everyone tells me omg its rape blah blah. I'm like I don't have sex with him. you know? but everyone is gonna assume you are. honestly you just have to make sure both parental units are really cool wit hthe idea of you two. if not your dad could be calling the cops on him or vice versa. a lot of people are in situations like this. age is just a number.it matters right now when your young but when you get in your 20's .your like dang! we're not even that far apart! sucks.