I'm thinking she likes me...but I'm shy?

lol we were gonna hang out last weekend but we couldn't so I don't think she has lost interest lol she always kids around with me and ill be like do have have any pets? - her :no:P - do you want one? - her: is it you heheheheheh. like she always flirts in such but I don't wanna be to shy in person for her to not like me any more, how can I (when we hang out ) be my self and not be shy and quiet?


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  • strike up a conversation. at first it might be akward, but give it a minute.

    If you two play around on the phone then play around sitting beside her, make her laugh.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just say what comes to mind she obviously likes you so she won't mind. Just don't say dumb stuff and you'll be fine good luck chris