What's the Texting Rule?

my girl friends said that there is a something called the texting rule when it comes to flirting? what are they I'm so curious


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  • I think there are multiple;

    1) don't text back immediately when you get a text, it gives a sign of being clingy

    2) if there are any explicit texts sent or received then hide them, don't make them obvious.

    3) don't swear over text freely, only in specific situations where there is some comical value from it.


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  • The biggest one is if you ask a question don't ask another one until she responds, or your a needy bitch whos not getting laid.

    • What if she always text back like 10 min later is she trying to play hard to get or? and also what about when she gives me short message txt

    • Just assume everything she's doing as "shes playing hard to get" because 9 times out of 10 your going to be right.

      Sort text messages are what YOU should be doing. Anything longer than one sentence is too long.

  • Keep text short and make sure your the one ending the conversation. Always be the first to say "Got to go" this way it makes you look busy and not clingy. Do not make the error of writing an essay, keep texts 3 lines maximum..

  • Don't be too perverted? That's the only legit non bullsh*t thing I can think of. Time limit and other asinine rules are pointless.