Do guys like to get texted instead of texting?

there this guy I've been texting nut if I don't text him he won't text them so like a week ago we where texting and he told me he wanted me to be his girl, but we have never hangout and he won't text me unless I text him so I don't really get what he guys like to get texted instead of texting?


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  • why don't you just believe what he said?


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  • Guys who are really interested will text you just as much as you do so apparently he is not too serious about the things he says to you nor really takin it further. Remeber, people usually go towards there most dominant thought and you are just not on his mind enough to think to text you first sometimes. if I was you, I would stop initiating the calls/texts because you are not givin him a chance to miss you to wonder about you/ You don't want to be the only one who shows effort. the effort should be even and he is not showin you much at all. So step back and see if he comes back on his own. His words mean nothing until he puts it in action. A guy will see you if he really wanted too and a guy will call/text you if he really want to. being busy is a common excuse most guys say to girls that are not really that into. A guy could make time if he really wanted too.

    • That is the same thing I think.and I don't text gim often like once a week at the most.but I can't help texting him. I know I'm going to the one howends up texting him even know I don't want to.And the worst part is I don't even like him that much

    • All you have to do is stop it. its hard because you keep tellin yourself its hard and do you have other things you do besides think of him? I mean change your thinking, date others but if you continue chasing someone who clearly doesn't feel the need to chase you back makes you look desperate and actually pushes that person further away.I just think that you want a relationship so bad that you don't care who it is even if you are not that into him. you just want somethin stable. Not good.