My mom doesn't want me to see him...

So I started talking to this guy. He's already graduated from high school, but doesn't go to college. He has a steady job that pays well and works almost 55 hours a week. He does have a police record, but he's said he's matured a lot from high school and doesn't get involved in any of the bad things he use to do. I like him a lot, but my mom doesn't approve. She doesn't know about the police record, but she found out he had beer in his truck when he picked me up to go out. She also thinks he'll try and make me do things I don't wanna do because we have a two year difference. I really want to keep seeing him. Any advice?


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  • Sometimes mom knows best. I'm not saying let her make your dating decisions for you however, she may be right on this one. If he isn't going to college and your still young forget him. The world right now is your oyster! Your young and you can find someone with more potential and not someone with a rap sheet.

    Not to mention you don't even know if this guy is lying to you or not when he says he's not bad anymore. Plus do you really want to keep someone around who might cause fights between you and your mom? Remember your family will always be there for you, this dude...not likely. So count your losses and go. Besides when you get to college your going to see a BUNCH of guys, I am sure you will find one there if your really worried about getting into a relationship!


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  • If you really like this guy and he really likes you... maybe have him over your house a few times --pizza movie. let your mom meet him. If he meets your mom this will most likely show her that he's mature enough, really likes you, and isn't looking for a fling.

    If he really likes you and want to hang out and be with you he'll make the little effort of making both you and your mom comfortable.