What now? This is a real story about real love...please help):

Info: Me and my very serious boyfriend {Talked all the time on webcam, texted constantly, just knew we were meant for each other, talked about our futures together..} broke up and it was the hardest thing ever for both of us. {We both had mental meltdowns and needed help} At first I didn't understand why he dumped me but then about 3 days later he told me that some bullies were threatening to hurt him because he was dating some "online girl" and that it "wasn't normal" so they told on him to his mother which was the worst because she didn't know and once she found out she FORCED him to break up with me. After a week or so it was a little awkward talking but a month after we got back into our normal everyday see each other convo. I've found out recently that he isn't over me {I had a close friend of mine sneakily ask him} and still had strong feelings for me. He even tells people that he's not looking for a new girlfriend when I'm not around and still has pictures of us together everywhere. I still love him very much and it feels for both of us like nothing ever happened because we got torn apart from our forbidden love but in reality, we really do love each other.

Question: But I'm worried about our futures...what should I do? Should I still be close to him and go to meet him in real life when I get the chance? Or should I lose my strong feelings for him and move on? Please help):

Also, we dated for over a year and about 4 months and never once fought, cheated, etc


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  • You have your whole life ahead of you. Some people don't settle down till they are about 30! You have PLENTY of time ahead of you to meet great people. The reason you guys haven't argued is because you haven't even met. It's different being with someone in person day to day then it is online. However young love is a hell of a thing, so if you are getting close being able to see him give it a shot. If not then just give it up, odds are (and I don't mean to sound mean) you guys won't make it anyway because you guys haven't even really started life yet.

    Best of luck to you!


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  • It's not love if you haven't met. Say what you want, ill probably get thumbs downed too, but there's something missing if you have never been close or intimate witht he other person. Maybe you like the idea of having a boyfriend, maybe you even really like his personality, but a few years down the road you'll laugh at thinking you were in love.


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  • I think this is just more of a friendship, not really a relationship. Your under 18 and you've never seen him. You can go on with your everyday activities and then go talk to him whenever you like, and if you don't want to talk to him, you just don't go online or stop texting, real relationships aren't like that. I think you know you really love someone when they are in your face all the time, and it still doesn't bother you at all. You didn't have this guy constantly around you. I think you just got a friendship, and called it a relationship. Personally, I think you should just leave it as a friendship, nothing is going to change because you never saw him or got intimate with him anyway. Maybe one day when you can meet up you can pursue a relationship, but right now at your age and the situation, it kind of makes no difference.