If he's dating me, he finds me attractive, right?

Or does he just want consistent sex and I'm the easiest way to get it? My boyfriend never says I'm pretty or hot or anything like that, but we're dating and we spend a lot of time together and sleep together and all that. I'm thinking he wouldn't hang out with me all the time and have sex with me if he didn't think I was sexy, right? Or wrong?


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  • Well, if you have to ask in the first place, then maybe it is possible he's just in it for the sex. test this out: say you have an STD (nothing serious) or some illness that prevents you from having sex for at least a few months. His reaction should tell all.

  • Yea there is attraction going on between you even if he doesn't voice it. He would not be spending allot of time with you if he didn't see something in you.


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