How do I ask a girl out on a date that I don't know?

I'm a 25 year old business professional. A few times a month I eat lunch with a few other associates at this restaurant downtown. There is a girl that works there that I figure to be around 2-3 years younger than myself. The very first time I saw her there I was immediately taken aback by her. She has beautiful brown eyes and a radiant smile that could melt an iceberg. Over the past few months, we've shared minor conversation, and recently, catching each others eye and smiling at each other (cheesy, I know). I haven't had a lot of experience in the dating world. Insecurities and low self-esteem have held me back. But I cannot get over this girl and the way she makes me feel. It's to the point I get this incredible excited feeling even when I know we're going to eat there.

My more specific questions are: Is it inappropriate to even think about asking her out without knowing her or anything about her? If I need to find out more about her, how do I do that? Being that she's working at the time I'm in there, how do I even approach her if I wanted to without embarrassing her or myself? Do I try to get her alone to talk to her? How do I get her alone? If I do approach her, do I wear my normal business suit, or do I go in at a time when I'm not working, in casual clothes? What is a tactful way of even asking her out? What do I say that won't make me sound creepy or desperate? What do I say that will make her say, "hmm, maybe I should give him a chance." Do you have any good ideas for a first date? Thanks for the help and I look forward to many quick responses!


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  • This is really sweet.. I wish I had someone who looked at me the way you look at her.

    Anyway. I think you should go back there when you aren't working. Then you don't have your coworkers burning a hole in the back of your neck as you approach her, and it doesn't make her feel as overwhelmed. Dress casual. Ask for her at the front counter. When she comes up to you, ask her if she has a minute so you could ask her something. Tell her that you noticed her the handful of times you've seen her while dining, and that you want to get to know her. And just ask her out, maybe to grab coffee after her shift. Like a mini get to know you date. You'll never know her if you don't ask. Good luck!


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  • Meh just club her over the head and drag her back to your cave...