Why does he ask me what I want?

we went out on a date last Nov things were going OK then he kinda drifted off we still spoke when I saw him at work at the weekends but then it all got awkward for a few months. we've since started talking and flirting again and if I message him he never ignores my text and replies a few weeks ago I bumped into him on a night out and ask him for a kiss he never refused but he asks me what I wanted. he s since asked me again what I want but I'm confused because I don't know what he wants me to tell him we have slept together in the past but I've also slept at his house when I were locked out of my own but nothing happened so I don't think it s all about sex I do think he still is attracted but for some reason he holds back any insight from you guys on why he asks this would be great


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  • he wants to know if you want to be in a relationship or just have sex.

    • So he just wants a fwb?

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