How do girls want to be contacted online?

So I'm on an online dating site and I've sent some girls messages and gotten no responses. I personally think it's because I come off as boring but most girls' profiles are so generic that I have nothing to use to start up a good conversation.

I know girls hate just a plain "Hi" or "What's up" but I don't really have a better idea. I don't have any problem getting into an interesting conversation on this site because it usually starts with me answering a girl's question. But when I've got nothing to go on I can't seem to get one going.

So if a guy was going to message you, what would he say to get your attention and interest?


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  • Have you ever noticed that online dating sites very often don't bring constructive replies from girls?

    Ever noticed that these same sites often lead to men's ads being responded to by women but that most of the replies never lead anywhere?

    Ever asked why?

    Most online dating sites employ folk to respond especially to men in order to keep up interest and (yes you've guessed it!) keep the money rolling in from hopeful guys.

    Some of the biggest are some of the worst.

    Waste of time and money fella responding to empty profiles - they are mostly either empty people that have nothing to say about themselves or are not seriously looking or they are dummy profiles set up to 'hook' guys like you.

    There are a few that seem better than most and they often are completely free and don't let you join and then charge you before you can reply or respond to emails etc. But even then there are much better options than the regular online dating sites


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  • It sounds like you're already doing what I would suggest, which is to look at their profile and pull things from there to talk about to show them that you've actually read their profile and share some of their interests and that your message isn't generic.

    Unfortunately, as I'm sure you've noticed, not everyone puts much effort into their profile to give you something to work with.

    I'm not that great at starting "cold" conversations either, so I don't have much advice. :(

    • Yeah and I've done that with previous messages and it hasn't worked yet, unfortunately.

    • Well, to be honest, I wouldn't blame it on anything you're doing. The thing is, girls on dating sites are able to be extremely picky because they get a lot of messages from a lot of different guys. Not to mention that there probably is a proportion of girls who aren't actively looking to meet someone. Like, they might reply to a couple messages here and there, but they aren't so interested in meeting someone online that they'll put a lot of effort into it.

  • Something witty. I don't have any example for you, thus this answer is useless, but that's really the only thing that catches my attention personally.

  • hmm I have never message any guy before online so I'm not sure but if a guy sent me one it would go something like this..

    Hi! my name is "insert name here" I saw your profile, your really beautiful :)


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  • try to use some humor to help break the ice initially. if you get a convo going then try to find commonalities that you can rap about. it's much easier (in my opinion) to talk online than in person so keep looking for things to keep the convos going.

  • Dude online dating...really ?

    come on bro, get out there