Its been 20 days what should I do?

so its ben 20 days since I last heard from a guy friend I've been hanging out with. 2 weeks ago I tryed texting him twice but go no answer so I just desided to give him space and thought if he wanted to talk to me he would call or text me. so should I erase his number ? wait for him to call me? or just call him?


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  • Just call him and ask what's up. He might be busy, he might be having family issues, he might have gone on a trip and forgotten to tell you. It could be any number of things, so you can't assume yet that he's just blowing you off.

  • This sounds SO much like a recent sitch I was in. After knowing my guy friend for a few months, we finally hooked up. He had blown me off a couple of times prior to our hooking up, and because of that I deleted his number, twice. Both times he contacted me, and of course, I didn't know who the number was from. He got all offended, but I said to him, "Do you blame me"? After a alittle a** kissing, we got together. Well, he did it again. He avoided my text, and never returned my call. This was just in a day's time. I don't chase, or try to get anything out of a guy. If he can't take a minute to respond, then he's not worth my time. And here it is a week later, and still nothing. If it's been a few days, there's your answer. Just listen to your intuition.