How can you tell if a girl is ready to be kissed or not?

what are the signs?


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  • She will be looking at your lips that's a huge sign might be licking her lips a lot, or trying to draw attention to her lips, she will lean in closer mostly she will just be trying to get your attention on her lips


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  • Why don't you ask her if you can kiss her, for Christ's sake? Most adult females who keep romantic, intimate company with a guy expect to be kissing him in the near future. Its on their "To Do" list of nasty, social customs. If your breath is bad and you have a pretty gross mouth, however, she is probably going to take a pass.

    Another thing that turns "me" off about swapping spit with a guy is if he spits around me or plays with or drains his sinus passages and caulks out a load of green phlegm or some other gross sh*te while in my company. Be real.

    Kissing is a pretty nasty practice anyway, dude... Who ever thought of it should be shot with a rocket launcher close range and fossilized in mucus.


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