Why is he playing with me?

OK so this guy called me over and ask me for my number. We exchanged numbers and we text each other. He says he wants to see me so we set a day and then he doesn't text me around the time we are suppose to hang out. He just never follows through with the plans. He texts me a few days later when he thinks its OK.

There are several man who are interested in me. I think they are OK, but I am more interested in him because I sort of like the chase. Although I do not like that he makes plans and doesn't follow through with them. Why does he do this? Is he just not interested? Also he works 2nd shift and go to school in the morning so we aren't free at the same time. We haven't seen each other since the first day we met. Should I give up on him or should I keep trying? What should I do?


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  • He's either an asshole or chickening out. Just ask him why he backs out.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should just bring the situation to his attention..so you can understand what's going on. I would say if he doesn't open up about it the next time you talk with him about it..give up