What's the weirdest ending to date you've ever heard of?

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  • oh me gosh...that is easy. I was out at a restuarant with this girl that I meet at my apartment complex. Our very first and last date. An ex-girlfriend of mine suddenly came over to our table and started telling my date that I wear thong panties and did she know that. I tell her to shut up and leave us alone. She grabbed a chocolate milkshake from a table next to us and quickly poured it over my head. I stood up completely shocked. She pushes me and I slipped and went down on all fours. She sits on me and then quickly grabs my undies in the back of my pants and delivers a quick wedgie. Showing all of those around me (included my date) that I was wearing a tiger-print thong panty. I was so embarrassed. Everyone started laughing. My date said to me, "well, Tiger, I think I wanna go home now."

  • Guys says not got girl, sex.. girl goes crazy throws brick thought guys window


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