I didn't feel that she is the one for me? what should I do?

I went on a few lunch date with this one girl that I like, during the date we talk and exchanged info. she then asked me to go to Disneyland with her, I said yes. But during Disneyland for some reasons I didn't feel like she is the one for me, I didn't feel that we click. A lot of the stuffs that she like I don't like, the stuffs that I like she don't like. somehow my feeling told me this girl is not for me, but I really like her. what should I do? continue or let it go?


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  • i suggest you continue with it and see what happens. if you continue there's nothing to lose, right? but if you let it go right away...hey you could be missing out on a great catch. try to give it some more chance, and see if anything improves or changes. the same thing happened to me before. I met this guy and I thought he was amazing but then we just didn't click right away (bcos of the HUGE age gap I guess)..well we've been around each other though. and for the nth try, I guess we DO click now! and I like him better now. I can't imagine if I had let him go bcos of the first few encounters. he is such a great man! :)


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  • hey...

    so you noticed that at Disneyland...right?

    how abt the real world? would you match together? I would not care that much abt disney land brother, but about our choices in REALITY-LAND... if you see what I mean. if you like her don't lose her for nonsense reasons... and who said that you got to have the same likes and dislikes... some change and difference in the choices are great if you don't want boredom to reign in your relationship =)

    • Hey sorry I should have made it more clear. It had nothing to do with Disneyland. During Disneyland is when I get to know her more. she told me so many things about her self and stuffs that she like. We had a good time at Disneyland. I understand that differences is good for relationship sometime, but I don't know why I have that feeling that she is not for me. I really like her, she is a very smart and beautiful Hispanic girl and I'm just a regular Asian guy.

    • Feelings sometimes are misleading... don't break up with her unless you are sure you are doing it for the right reasons. for your information lot of great girls prefer Asian guys because they are honest and you can depend on them =)

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  • Depends if you just want to have some fun or you are looking for a long term relationship. Or maybe keep seeing her till somethign better comes along.