Is this guy being genuine by calling me "sweetheart" and "babe"?

He says "Thanks babe" or "Hey sweetheart" in his texts... we met a month ago and he lives in a different city so I don't know him that well.


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  • Only way your really going to "know" is by seeing how often he does this around other people. If he's southern, we have that southern hospitality thing that some guys just say it in place of man or bro for women in general. Get em on the phone and hear how he says it. It could be sarcastically or lovey, or as I mentioned before indifferent. Hearing the voice might help you out on this.

  • NO. Guys do this all the time, mostly because it makes then feel cool and sophisticated to refer to a woman like that. It means nothing (sorry, if that is not waht you wanted to hear).


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