What do guys really think of kissing?

As in do they just like kissing in gereral? When he says I can kiss you all day, I know its a good thing, but I know as a woman kissing is more intimate than sexual...is that also true for men? Or is it all for sexual pleasure/appeal?


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  • it's more intimate than sexual, for me. I don't really understand it when people kiss in p*rnography.

  • Well I can't speak for all men, I know that for all my friends I've ever had its a sexual thing like what youd see in p*rn nothing more, for me I've always found it to be both at the same time, not really one more than the other because for me its not sexual if there is no intimacy so I've always found that kissing is both intimate and sexual. lol also it depends on what type of kissing, a peck on the cheek obviously doesn't apply to what I just stated. lol


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