Can any one explain these damn texting rules?

I got this girls number the other day. she went to visit family over the weekend, my buddy said to text her on Sunday but, I have class with her Tuesday. I took a while to ask for her number, I'm kinda shy. When I did though her friend kinda acted like surprised/ happy, I guess that would be good thing?

I should also add that, part of my reasoning is WTF do I even say to start it.


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  • There are no rules! Fuck rules. Do what YOU want. Life is too short to wait on little things like this. I'm sure she likes you and is expecting you to text her anytime now. I think she'd be excited if she really does like you. You just wouldn't know that:P but judging by her friends reaction this is good! lol text her up. Class with her will be that much more fun. I bet if you waited til Tuesday she'd wonder why you hadn't :P so do it! take a risk...thats what life is all about! I used to be so shy. It doesn't getcha anywhere lol. Be who you wanna be and do it with such confidence. We're all just people and just the same as everyone else. We just think that over think and over analyze things before we actually do them lol I feel you completely.


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  • LOL yeah I agree somewhat with the girl that replied after I did. Obviously texting too often isn't good and I'm sure you're not a clinger. You haven't even texted her lol. A guy that is clingy will literally text you the second you're out of their site and I just had that happen to me and I had to let him know because it was CLASS 5 clinger style. But this isn't the case with you and you can start off by saying anything! Just be like hey, how are you? easy as pie lol you don' t have to start pouring out your feelings.

    • i texted her after I got my number so she had mine so I did technically text her. Yeah I know what you mean I am not really big texting person only reason I even text in the first place is to find where my friends are to talk to them.

    • I feel what you're saying. If you're not big on it then maybe make it short and sweet and tell her you'll talk to her later or get her to give you a call once she's back.

  • Great question, I wish I knew.

  • Texting rules go as follows: don't text too often, try calling instead. When you do text, (since you're the guy) always try to have the last word: "good night, ttyl", for example. But the number of days you wait to contact someone depends on how much you want the other person to know you like them. If you're the secretive type who likes to play games then you wouldn't even be asking this question! So text when you feel like it, just be considerate of her time.

    • Yeah I definitly do not want to play games, I do eventually want to date her. Just not certain how to handle the whole thing.

    • Got it. Well like meeshelle has suggested, saying "Hi, how are you?" is a good start. But I really do mean it when I say that you should try calling every so often. Keep the phone convo short if you have to, to avoid saying too much or having too many awkward pauses. A good rule of thumb would be to cut the phone convo at 5 minutes, say you have to do something, then get off the phone. Tell her it was nice talking to her and that you're looking forward to seeing her again. Good luck.

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  • 1st rule is there are no rules.

    • 2nd rule of fight club don't talk about fight club

    • lol Apply that to texting. haha